Coal Train Charles


Cashing in

a record breaking broken record
it skips through replayed days
in the merriest of ways
looped with canned laughter
eternal flame flickering
into the inferno of happily ever after
we never seem to sweat
despite the bright lights and hot heat
of utter despondence and calm defeat
cashing in our poker chips
when we reach the checkered flag
only 500 more laps
then i’ll fill my empty bag
with what I thought was victory
disclosed casually as dignity
now I see  the tricks on me
time is backed by meaning
not money

back to school

coughing up something awful
as black as coffee
now that its done
I can move on
back on my feet
now that I can breath
I guess that I can eat
ingesting new suggestions
answering questions with questions
i’ll learn it all again
finally i’m free
to know nothing

back to school

coughing up
something aweful
as black as coffee
back on my feet
now that I can breath
I guess that I can eat
ingesting new suggestions
answering questions
with questions
I am free
to know nothing

empty room

Today feels like a funeral
the way some one’s presence
leaves you in your favorite room
for the last time
everything all depraved of color

your soundtrack is dressed
in the coldest silence
and nothing moves
like its supposed to
or like it used to

You can’t stop
silent motion pictures
from echoing through your daydreams
and you can’t stop staring
at that smile
that you know you’ll never see again

lost philosophy

every island I meet

cast me farther into despair

so many houses and nobody there

hopeless as a rope less well

into dream

I slowly fell

I feel this uncertainty

turning internally

no answer can save me

until I know what I ask for


siren cassandra

i’ll listen to your lips deliver whispered decadence

uttering color of plush pornography into my skin

sip it slowly as I take you in

I owe you my undying devotion

as your ocean of love

is my euphoria i’m drowning in

there is no light house

no search and rescue

hold me in your tragedy

i’ll seek no refuge

no sos

I am a hopeless vessel


to sink

into your deep, dark


Dark Noon

I misplaced my face and replaced it with this taste

of aromatic  distain

the still night air

stained with refuge

holding close its lost and lonesome

confused men in sheep skin

slowly growing into

developed minds

straightened spines




tremors rattle the memories

like apples from the tree

we play the cards where ever they fall

down comes baby

cradle n all

full moon revolver

no affection for the reflection of the eyes of the judgmental

no respect for mindless neglect through over fed ego

living presence is in essence

a blessing


is more spirit trough less expectance

what we see fit we see as expected

denying existence as a whole

and dividing divinity itself


that all Is connected

simply integers of The infinite oroboros

how many moons

will we walk the length of the serpent

how naked is the emperor

that stands before us

the cracks

unspoken moments

owned by no one

left subtle and unseen

silent and serene

in the night

echoes bellow

between the moon

and me

crickets and tree frogs

in the distance



levitate away from me

my soul rejoices

as I slip into

the inbetween