Coal Train Charles


In Blue Ruins

there is a painting in my mind

it resembles a memory

assembling its self

I fall apart

a great forest over takes my temple

eagerly lost in the jungle

in love with my lust for life

with no remorse

I take a bite

what have I done

silent sound track

undefined by the confines of human lines

I draw my self back to the black board

chalk up my own definition

reinvent my soul position

break the glass that contains my soul

and spill out into the atmosphere

forgetting my own existence

forgetting I was ever here

riding the galactic waves of vibration

reverse osmosis

broken psychosis

far from hopelss

bloodshot eyes

break the cameras and run

naked in the night

hard core


like thunderstorms

1 lit cigarette




ready to forget


spilling over

the cup that runeth

like tunnel vision

i’ve been living

on silent hill

and so i overdrive

into over kill

all spazing and speaking in tongues

running and running and

my how my mind just…


on and on like a forest

alive in the night

the trees all screaming

with souls teeming



to be alive

perhaps i need to learn to be less alive

study stones like Ani

pass into transcendence

and revel in irrelevance


tie yourself

to egos like anvils

and throw them out the window

we don’t need them any more

and i’d bet that if we let go

before we smash into the ground

we would see the light

there is no you and i


so delightfully profound

would float

and those who choke

with water in their throats

would let go and drift to the surface

or would belong to the bottom

dwelling in the darkness

She Floats By

just one more monday

amidst many countless


fountains of youth


 the thought

of your smile that caught

my mind in a day dream.

My how we seem

so happy,

time drips

like water down my spine


into something more comfortable…

my head is a mess

my arms are made

for your divine

lioness, restless

vibrations elating

my consciousness.


eluding lonelyness

and, are you lonely miss…

irresistible bliss?

even if

this is only my cosmic drift

could you meet me

on the corner of imagination

and longing

could we share a kiss

like coffee

and for a fading moment

linger in our foreverness?

forgive me

i can’t forget.

monday is no place

for tracing the lace

with the tip of a tongue


but your rhythmicness

in your cosmic hips

call to me like sirens

and so i answer,

but its only monday…

its always,

only monday

earth…alone in the universe

somewhere is a parallel
some where its been done before
this universe holds
more than we know
there is no such thing
as alone
truly alone
when we all feel similar
so sincere
so sold
we are so alone

Wake up
Stretch for the stars
Compose yourselves
like the cosmos
and gather your utmost
you are alive
for the first time
you are alive
for the last time


my soul gagging on the smog

these smug city streets run a muck

i’m not much sure what i’m even made of

composed of cons and pros

carbon and H20

swallow me whole

and make me complete

run off down the sewer

all Tye dyed  as oil and water meets

we never really mixed

just mingled

dancing our daily jig

and singing our solemn songs

to calm our confusion

and consult our decomposing roots

torn long ago from divinity

goddess of fire



like orange light

screaming through my iris

give me life

breathe my breath

be my goddess

take my numbness

and set it a blaze


life revolves

around love


a mother

to her sun