Coal Train Charles


one lone thumb

smiling in the rain
Waiting patiently
To wash the day away
Like a mountain that will crumble
To be eaten by the foamy see
I am a shooting star
Going nowhere fast
make a wish
But don’t follow me
Let me pass
like a dream deferred
Fade like steam into
The dirty urban air
As the earth turns
In a hollow dark whole
Amidst the highway
Of this vast
Lonesome galaxy
One lone thumb
I am Waldo
when people stopped looking
There is no map
Only memories in the making
To only one day become
An echo rippling
Caught in the wrinkled blanket
Of eternity
And lost in the folds of time

Shit…am I a hipster?
I don’t wanna talk about it…

Life needs music.
Even silent movies have sound tracks.

clocking out

Take off your face
Return to deep space
The place
from which we’re made
Deep beneathe the ocean
Like bones beneathe the skin
The dreams from which we kindle
The fire that burns with in
Feed the soul
Feel whole
Balance yang and yin
Sleep away
Dream deep
Nothing is here to stay

learning (haiku)

Reality is
When there is not what you want
Only what you need

one cup

In the morning light
Before the traffic
Before the onslaught
Of endless thoughts
The silence before the storm
To sip slow
Between pressed lips
Kissed with honey
To soothe
The aching tummy
Slow. the fuck. down
And share a prayer
Taste the vacancy
Thank the air
To breathe.
To stare.
To sit.
To sip.
This cup will be
My last sip of serenity
I Savor the flavor of silence
Then i step into insanity


Fuck yea! I’m moving to north carolina with my band in 2 weeks!!!

I want a fist fight.
P.s fuck you…
Yea you!

There are good people out there
The news is not the truth
Go find truth for your self
Then when they ask if you have seen the truth
And you say yes
They’ll say what does it look like
Just draw an arrow with a question mark
And walk that way

Don’t own the things you love, only the things you need. Let love be loyal to you. Let love be free.