Coal Train Charles


bitter sweet

breathing trees

bite into the nectar of life

jackals nurse their wounded knees

let the music swing through city streets

invite the night in through your screen

wearing nothing beneath clean sheets

day dreams long, still lingering

the right question


 its not that I don’t know where i’m going

but rather

I don’t really care to go there

I have other quests

to be answered

I trust

in my misdirection


in my misadventure

live for mystery


you held me

you held me when in need

listened to my complaints

helped me carry my shame

shared my heart ache

you held me

you carried me


thank you

Loneliness is mainly caused by not being able to communicate the things important to yourself and being misunderstood by others.

—(via psych-facts)

This is common among intelligent people…

greater of less

as a parasite

I am conscious and thankful

i’m not a virus

lost at sea

what do u do when the weight of the world

crushes down on your crown

when the air is empty with despair and not with promise

when everything is in disrepair

and there is no sun in your skies above

where Is love


a  gift and a curse

it is a superpower

called brute honesty

I am a fungus

thriving when weather is nice

living off the funk

I made love to waning memory

faded like an ancient royal glove

it once fit so snug

an iron hand with a velvet touch

no more does it hold me tight

but its fingers still linger

and on occasion

will tuck me In at night

Growing Up

people want me to grow up
like 1 yellow brick in a red paved road
just give up
to defy is useless
grow up and give in
its safer, its more assuring and responsible
it carries on tradition

But what the fuck does any of this matter to me?

how do I know who I am if i’m every thing every one else told me to be?